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Summer Symposium June 1

  • Full Moon Rising 102 Sundance Dr. Norway, MI 498770 (map)

June 1, 2019 12:00-2:00

Gail Beauchamp, LMSW on Mind-Body Relaxation Response

Gail has been practicing in the Mental Health field for over 30 years. She received her Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work from Michigan State University and has practiced in a wide variety of settings, including mental health centers, hospitals, and clinics.

Gail will be illuminating our tendencies towards stress and offering Mindful Relaxation as an effective way to combat that stress. The relaxation response increases alpha brain wave activity and lowers blood pressure, pulse, respiration rate, metabolic rate, oxygen consumption and anxiety. This practice produces a greater sense of wellbeing and an increase in quality of life. Gail will be offering a practice that is accessible and attainable to help you learn to shift into a more relaxed state in the face of stressful situations.

Robelle Degenaer on Women and Spirituality

Robelle will be sharing the connectedness of all Faith systems and our ability to live in accordance to the Faith that speaks most clearly to us. Speaking to the sacred from many perspectives guides us all towards a sense of the common human experiences, eliciting a sense of grounded connection versus an isolation in our spiritual path.

Robelle connects to her diverse lineages of Polish, French, and Ojibwa descent, finding that regardless of our varying walks of life, we have similarities that outweigh our differences. Spirituality is unique to each and every person, yet the common threads of sacred connection, purpose, and recognition of the transpersonal, braid throughout our experiences allowing us to find common ground within our differences.

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Summer Symposium June 15